Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Juices

If you want to know what individual vegetable juices are good for, then this is the book you  need.  You can pick and chose vegetables based on your individual needs if you want, or just know what the nutritional information is about the ones you are already using when you juice.  Easy to read, and very useful and informative about getting started with juicing.


Top Documentary


I LOVE this site!  It has many different topics.  I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend looking through the health videos and watching one each week.  I never encourage watching television…but I highly encourage watching these documentaries.  It is good for the brain, and some of these health videos might save your life with information that your doctors would have never told you about…

Movies of special interest to the Alkaline Diet:

Food Matters

Burzinski, the movie: Cancer is Serious Business

Dying To Have Known

The Beautiful Truth

Prescription For Disaster

Natural News

I have grown to really depend on this news site for current information about what is going on at the forefront of fighting for medical freedom an America.  Sometimes, I don’t know how Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) can go on (the news about what happens in our legal and health institutions is often disappointing and upsetting), but his articles are usually credibly sourced, and his information about natural health remedies and cancer-fighting foods is always extremely educational and very useful for people who want to increase longevity and live disease-free.

Mark’s Daily Apple

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This is a great source for additional information about healthy eating and making better lifestyle changes!   Mark Sisson’s mission statement is not an exageration of what it means to have optimum health.  Changing your diet to a whole food, predominately alkaline, organic one is critical to achieving optimum health…at any age. 

Mark Sisson 5

To see Mark’s blog, go here:

Alkaline Diet Cook Book, by Energise For Life (

Highly recommended!  This is where I got my first glimpse into how to cook alkaline, and I still use the recipes several times each week.  You cannot go wrong with this book.  In fact, it is kind of an essential item to have for someone on the alkaline diet.  And Energise For Life is an excellent source for information and for acid/alkaline food charts.–Alkalising-Supplements–ALKALISING_SUPPLEMENTS/Alkaline-Recipe-Cook-Book.html

Acid and Alkaline, by Herman Aihara

I LOVED this book, and read several chapters of it over and over so that it could make better sense each time.  Slightly heavy with chemistry and explanations about how the body uses dietary acids and alkaline minerals in different combinations to perform different functions, but it is definitely an interesting read…and extremely enlightening about how diet directly effects your state of health.