Gourmet Alkaline Lifestyle

My name is Patsy Holden and I have been teaching “Alkaline Diet/Lifestyle” and “Food as Medicine” classes since 2011.  I graduated in 2009 from the University of Central Florida with a Master in Anthropology and I have studied ancient and modern diets and forms of holistic and spiritual medicine from cultures around the world, adopting many of the things I have learned into my own life.  I don’t use any form of over-the-counter drug, nor do I take prescription medications.  I have found Nature to be a better source for everything I need.  Using simple holistic protocols such as detoxification, diet change and the use of alkaline-promoting foods that are well-documented in their ability to heal, I have witnessed the complete reversal of minor, serious and even terminal health problems such as late-stage brain tumors, long-term chronic viral infections, COPD, eczema and adult acne, arthritis, dental problems, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue and depression.  I grow much of my own food in a very small suburban garden, and I do whatever I can to promote local farms and restaurants.  I also speak and teach at various public venues such as churches, mosques, women’s groups and colleges.


The recipes in this blog are the collection of favorites for our family, and they are subject to change every time I try them again and improve the taste.  It is assumed that those following this blog are eating organic and/or local and /or home-grown as much as possible, as this assures a better quality of fresh produce.  The ingredients I use in my cooking are still in their whole form or processed without damaging the integrity of the food, and as local as possible.  Some recipes are raw, some are cooked, all are making a contribution of some sort to your health.  I try to include as many medicinal foods as possible, because I believe that eating food as medicine on a daily basis is the most obvious way to protect yourself against future health problems.  The recipes are meant to inspire people during their transitional phase of leaving their old ways and entering new ones, especially in regard to food, and they are also meant to give fellow alkaline experts a fresh idea that they can expand.  Some are labeled as easy because they do no require great knowledge about true alkaline cooking, others are more difficult as they require more food-preparation and skill with alkaline concepts.

Website – http://www.patsyholden.com