The Blood and Liver Cleanser

Blood and Liver Cleanser

Strong powers for cleaning the liver, kidneys, and blood, and for maintaining the health of blood cells.

High in Vitamins A, C, B-complex

Rich in Calcium, Sulphur, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Malic acid, Oxalic acid, Choline, Beta-carotene, Manganese,

Phosphorus, natural Sodium, Chlorophyll, Lycopene

Cleansing properties come from beets, parsley, celery, and lemon

Skin enhancing properties from carrots, cucumber 

Anti-carcinogen properties from tomatoes, parsley


1/2 small beet with stems and leaves

3 large carrots

 1 large cucumber

 1 celery stalk

3-4 parsley sprigs

5 cherry tomatoes

Juice of 1/2 lemon


A daily multi-vitamin

A Daily Vitamin

Packed with:Vtiamins: A, C, B-complexMinerals: Calcium, Potassium, natural Sodium [celery], Iron, Copper, Manganese, CholineContains:Chlorophyll (great for blood cells)Glutathoine (asparagus, anticarcinogen) This juice is great for lung congestion, immune building, eye degeneration, colon cancer (kale). Digestion and a great blood cleaner (parsley)Anti-cancer properties (asparages, kale, parsley)Youthful skin (cucumber) 1 large cucumber3 medium carrots5-8 asparagus spearsLarge handful of green beans (optional)1 large celery stalk1 large kale leaf3-4 parsley sprigs1/2 Fuji apple if you need to sweeten the juice