A daily multi-vitamin

A Daily Vitamin

Packed with:Vtiamins: A, C, B-complexMinerals: Calcium, Potassium, natural Sodium [celery], Iron, Copper, Manganese, CholineContains:Chlorophyll (great for blood cells)Glutathoine (asparagus, anticarcinogen) This juice is great for lung congestion, immune building, eye degeneration, colon cancer (kale). Digestion and a great blood cleaner (parsley)Anti-cancer properties (asparages, kale, parsley)Youthful skin (cucumber) 1 large cucumber3 medium carrots5-8 asparagus spearsLarge handful of green beans (optional)1 large celery stalk1 large kale leaf3-4 parsley sprigs1/2 Fuji apple if you need to sweeten the juice