Vegan Panini Sandwich

Want a new way to use that George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine?

Who doesn’t love a warm panini sandwich?

Try this vegan version, and then let your mind get creative and come up with your own versions!


What you will need:

Sprouted grain bread (or authentic sourdough bread)

ToFurky vegan deli slices (available near the tofu products in most grocery stores)

Tomatoes, slices thinly

Kale (holds up better to the heat)

Onions (sliced and lightly cooked in coconut oil until barely softened)

Mustard (I prefer dijon or stone ground)

You can sprinkle or add many things on the sandwich to add to the taste and nutritional value, such as:

Nutritional yeast powder

Celtic sea salt

Fresh ground pepper

Dried herbs

Hemp or sesame seeds

Goat cheese (this would make the sandwich vegetarian, instead of vegan)

Vegan cheese slices


Assemble sandwich. ¬†Using a panini sandwich maker, or a George Foreman “Lean, Mean, Fat Grilling Machine,” cook the sandwich for 2-3 minutes, while pressing lightly down on the lid.

 Turn the sandwich over and rotate the sandwich, in order to heat it evenly.