Almost-alkaline hot dog


Satisfy your need for hot dogs with Tofurky Italian, Polish, and Brat-style sausages!

Once your taste buds have adapted to an alkaline lifestyle, you will cherish these!

Tofu is not considered alkaline. although it is also not considered to be exceptionally acidic either.

When combined with the sprouted grain bun and raw toppings, the meal becomes slightly alkaline and a great alternative to regular hot dogs…which are not only extremely acidic,

but toxic as well with the nitrates used in the meat to keep it fresh-looking.

You will need:

Sprouted grain hot dog buns (available at Whole Foods, and some other health food/grocery stores)

“Tofurky” Italian sausage (, found near the tofu products

coconut oil


Additional toppings may include:

sliced onions, cooked on coconut oil until just softened

vegan cheese slices

fresh diced green onions

raw spinach


tomato, diced or sliced

sliced olives

organic mustard, any kind

organic ketchup

“Vegenaise” or any other type of healthy alternative to traditional mayonnaise



1. Heat coconut oil, slice sausage in half lengthwise and cook on both sides.  Also, cook the onions in the pan along with the sausage.  

2. Slice the sprouted grain bun lengthwise and place in toaster oven.  Toast bun when sausages and onions are almost done cooking.

3.  Arrange ingredients on warmed bun as you like them and enjoy!

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